How good the commercial video impact the mind of the consumer?

Video advertising is a vital part of any marketing strategy. Short-form ads have been gaining immense popularity and have become a powerful tool that play key role in orchestrating brand stories. Here a few reasons why commercial videos impact the mind of the consumer in a positive way:

  1. Videos catch more eyeballs: It has been proved by research that users are watching more videos. On YouTube, 4 billion videos are watched each day. Around 92% of B2B prospects watch online videos. According to an estimate, one third of the shoppers buy a product after watching a video ad. Also, the emotional impact is a video ad is far greater than of any other ad.
  2. Videos are shared: People who are impressed with the video ad usually share it with their friends on the social media. Every minute, more than 700 videos are shared by Twitter users. This thing can have a profound effect on the exposure of the video.
  3. They serve as informative and educative tool: The audio and visual elements in any video appeal to the multiple senses of the viewer. In many cases the videos serve as educative tools. The videos become all the more effective when they incorporate product demonstrations and “How-to” guides as the viewers get to know about the actual working of the product or they may acquire a new skill.
  4. Video rank high on search engines: A priority is put on video content by the biggest search engine companies when they tweak the algorithms to display certain websites higher on the rankings page. Posting the videos on blogs, on social media and embedding them in websites increases the chances of hitting at the target audience when they search for relevant information.
  5. Videos convey a lot of information in a short time: A lot more can be said in a video in a shorter period of time as compared to text ads. A video ad is definitely more engaging to the senses.