Building Brand engagement

For a brand to work, it is very important to build a rational or emotional relation between a brand and the consumer. This is what is called Brand engagement and it is a part of Brand Management. Adverting alone cannot help any brand to achieve its full potential. Big brands like Google, Twitter and Uber etc. have heavily relied on Brand engagement to offer a good brand experience.

Here are three key steps in Building Brand Engagement:

  1. Make it personal: Sharing of information with the users goes a long way in establishing a deep bond with them. It is very much integral to self-concepts and validate the existence of a brand in small yet significant ways. Brands often serve as a muse that inspires the consumers to share their ideas, opinions and thoughts. This is often achieved by making use of user-generated content. The Happiness Flag Coca Cola campaign by the soft drink giant Coca Cola during the 2014 World Cup finals is the case is the case in point wherein the company managed to earn increased brand engagement through a carefully planned strategy.
  2. Make it Topical: There is often an element of immediacy in any successful brand engagement campaign. A great deal of relevance is created by Brands by tying a campaign to a certain current event or to a pseudo-event that is created specifically for the campaign. When the users share their ideas or opinions they feel a sense of belongingness and hence successful brand engagement automatically comes into force.
  3. Make it customizable: With the on-demand content on the rise, it is very important for the content to be customized to the likes of the consumer. Tech gisnats such as Netflix, Facebook and Amazon are known to align their promotional content seamlessly with “likes”. Browsing histories or other products.