Building Brand engagement

For a brand to work, it is very important to build a rational or emotional relation between a brand and the consumer. This is what is called Brand engagement and it is a part of Brand Management. Adverting alone cannot help any brand to achieve its full potential. Big brands like Google, Twitter and Uber […]

How good the commercial video impact the mind of the consumer?

Video advertising is a vital part of any marketing strategy. Short-form ads have been gaining immense popularity and have become a powerful tool that play key role in orchestrating brand stories. Here a few reasons why commercial videos impact the mind of the consumer in a positive way: Videos catch more eyeballs: It has been […]

How should a creative video communication should be?

A video is an attractive form of content presentation and video marketing has been getting increasingly popular in recent years. New methods of video productions are coming exploding and people are more interested in watching videos than text ads. Here are a few things to keep in mind while designing video content for marketing: In […]

The Visual Leap

The Visual Leap In today’s contest, a picture is worth more than a thousand words and it couldn’t be more true than at times like now where one’s ability to engage, educate and empower its stakeholders is critical to one’s success. Visual Leap, is a disruptive approach to visual content creation, where we create volumes […]